Introduction is a digital marketplace that connects sellers and buyers of materials. The site mainly serves as a marketplace for bio-based side streams and helps sellers and buyers to find each other. 

The site will help develop regional nutrient and material cycles to promote the circular economy. The main target groups are companies producing bio-based side-streams from agriculture, forestry and food processing, as well as industries using raw materials and the public sector. 

The aim of is to create new business opportunities for farms in a smooth and easy way. Side streams can be used to generate additional income for the business. Even very small amounts can be valuable raw materials for another. 

Examples of side fractions 

- manure, sludge 

- contaminated feed 

- grassland

- berry seeds and skins 

- logging residues 

- wetland vegetation 

- shells 

A digital marketplace to promote the bioeconomy 

The service reduces waste and emissions, keeps natural resources in use for as long as possible and adds value to materials. The site helps to create local, optimised symbioses that bring together agriculture, industry, public authorities and consumers.